Hyphen Lynks: The APIHeritageMonthaZnPrideBitch! Edition

May 9, 2010

We're well into May now, peoples, and if you're not proud of being aZn this month, well then there's no hope for you! And, plus, also, you're shameful and do not give the rest of us face.

Just like these people:

  • The fool who recorded that embarrassing rap in the vid above. No, "Bitch," "n***a" doesn't mean "dude" in "street." Being a "thug" isn't something to brag about. You shame us! You shame your family! You shame your mudda!
  • Failed Pakistani American Times Square car bomber Faisal Shahzad, who didn't just give all model minorities a bad name, but, much worse, failed at a very simple mechanical task. Bad Asian! Plus, also, he's dominating the news and pushing out other aZn American newz! Which is why so few lynks this week!
  • ... eh, there's more, but I'm demoralized by the lack of aZn American pryde ...