Hyphen Lynks: The Billie Jean Is Not My Tiger Mother Edition

April 25, 2011

Yes, she's Viet Am. Yes, she's ten. Yes, her Tiger Mom probably beats her to keep her practicing. What, you thot this kind of skill came at no price?

Other Tiger Mom products, perhaps not Billie-Jean-worthy:

  • Likewise, a KoreAm reporter, for local reporting. These two, on top of the Chi Am composer who just won, really make me feel like Amy Chua has an argument.
  • WTF? Apparently, health providers are still asking multiracials to identify themselves with only one race. In what way, exactly, is that going to help them provide better care? According to this new study, it doesn't. I coulda told you that. But then, my mother beats me if I can't recite the entirety of the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine before dinner. 
  • Not fair! New Yorkers get everything else! Why are they getting free Korean food, too? You can see the difference in mothering techniques between the children providing the free food, and the children consuming it!
  • What an original way to approach Chi Am culture!: the Smithsonian is doing something on Chi Am food. What are they doing? Something ... mumble ... mumble ... zzzzz ... What? What? Mom? ... zzzz ...
  • Okay, just deal with this for a second: he recognizes that feminism is a largely white-dominated and privileged movement, and therefore he only dates white women because he only wants to date feminists? That's fucked up! And so says my mom!