Hyphen Lynks: The Obamao Edition

April 10, 2011

Yes, chills 'n' chilluns, it's bad pun mash-ups all the way in this week's lynks!

  • Persh-litico: Interview with Mark Ameli, unsuccessful Iranian American candidate for a judge's seat in 2010, about his campaign.
  • Piss Sheik: Jack Persekian, the Armenian American director of the Sharjah Biennial art exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, has been fired because the Sheikh of Sharjah found one of the works in the Biennial offensive.
  • Immigrant 101: The first entry in this new glossary of mash-up terms is "1.5."
  • Old China Dad: The white guy who spends a few years in China with rilly Chinese and therefore knows better than you entculturated, unbilinguified, deracinafamated Chinese Americans? But still can't tell the difference? In the Amy Chua age, he has a new name: "Panda Dad." And yes, he's selling a book.