Women's History Month Profile Roundup

March 31, 2010

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Well, I fell one short of my planned six March Women's History Month profiles of outstanding Asian American women. But I'm a busy Asian American woman!

Nevertheless, we got in a good five profiles there, plus two sad R.I.P.s, and a profile of our very own publisher, Lisa Lee! All in all, a good month.

Also, because during a lull in my posting this month our lovely U.S. legislature passed the "Obamacare" healthcare reform bill (yay!), I decided that my last three posts were going to have a health component in them, and managed to do two of those. So here they are, plus the happy and sad extras to round out our picture of Asian American women:

  1. Victoria Manalo Draves: multiracial Filipino American gold-medalist in diving for the 1948 Olympics.
  2. Doo-Ri Chung: Korean American fashion designer and head of doo.ri design house.
  3. Nasim Pedrad: Iranian American comic and newest cast member of Saturday Night Live.
  4. Mai Neng Moua: Hmong American poet, editor, and founder/director of Hmong American literary journal Paj Ntaub Voice and the Hmong American Institute for Learning. Also a kidney transplant recipient, possibly the first among her community.
  5. Vineeta Rastogi: Indian American AIDS activist and public health worker, who founded the public health service NGO The Vineeta Rastogi Foundation when she was dying of cancer at 27.

In addition, we mourned the loss of two outstanding Asian American women:

  1. Loni Ding: Chinese American filmmaker and media justice advocate.
  2. Ai: multiracial Japanese American poet and National Book Award winner.

And we celebrated a profile of our very own publisher and director:

  • Lisa Lee: Chinese American magazine publisher!