Looking for Love ...

January 30, 2005

If you have a similar problem, let us play matchmaker for you! I'm organizing an event in two weeks which not only takes the guesswork out of propositioning strange men (or women), but is culturally appropriate, safe, and even respectful and fun. I'm writing, of course, of Hyphen's SPEED YOUR LOVE speed dating fundraiser, a fundraiser important enough to Hyphen for me to feel that I have a right to bust in on someone else's blog day (although I restrained myself, and didn't -- I'm just busting in on my own blog day).

Last year, when we started speed dating, we were asked why we felt that this was an appropriate event for a magazine such as Hyphen to organize. Recently, this discussion has come up again within our staff, especially with regard to the question: do we really want Hyphen to be associated with a frivolous dating event? I think Jennifer answered this best:

"Dating is an important part of life, especially for our readers. For a lot of people, dating is the MOST important thing. I don't think we should dismiss that as frivolous, because it's about a very innate part of most human's lives, mating. It's also about connecting with people and providing those connections between others. Culturally, our people have used matchmakers or go-betweens, parental input and blind dates. In a society that has grown fragmented, Hyphen is not only trying to create a community but trying to fill some of those vital functions. So Hyphen is actually fulfilling a real need. We like speed dating because it's safe, it's fun, it's affirmative."

Of course dating, even event organizing, is not Hyphen's primary purpose, but we certainly don't mind throwing some action your way if it'll make us money. And it will, if you participate! To find out what speed dating is all about, read our event announcement here, or our event FAQ here. To register, go here.

And don't forget: if you don't find anybody, you can still try hanging out on street corners!

p.s.: Here's a testimonial from one of last year's speed daters who will be celebrating a one-year anniversary soon. Congrats Sid and Anita!

"I went speeddating not knowing who I would meet, but met a politically active Asian American feminist woman who, in the name of subverting the dominant white male paradigm, loves to cook, clean, and give massages for her Asian American man. Even after a whole year of being together she's still loving it and everyday I love her more and more." -Sid,speedater #86