Tune In Next Week

March 6, 2005

Artist Wendy W. Fok calls for poetry, fiction and nonfiction on the subject of "Dualism in America" to accompany her window installation of that title at the Tenement Museum in New York City. You must be a resident of New York City to submit work. Deadline is March 18. Check out the call for submissions here.

Wow: New California Media reports on a poll of Asian Americans in California regarding the tsunami. Results include a total of $200 million (yes, million) in donations, most AAs reporting that it was the worst natural catastrophe of their lifetime, and a significant portion (a quarter, and almost a half of Indonesians) saying it was a message from God.

In the small news, Andre Agassi was outed to those of us (me) who didn't know he was Iranian American in a news item from a German newspaper that was reposted all over the place by Agassi fans. Apparently, the poor guy was quoted as saying that he wanted to visit Iran "eventually". Headlines screamed "Agassi plans to visit Iran!" Who'da thunk?

A Korean American (1.5) soldier was killed last week in Iraq. He was the second Korean-born American to be killed in this war. The tragedy is that he joined up to serve in South Korea, but was re-routed to Iraq, where so few want to serve. Wonder why. Maybe the death toll of 1500+ American combantants so far?

It sounds like a bad joke gone wrong: three teenagers kill a teenaged Chinese deliveryman for money to buy Air Jordans. The Chinese language press is up in arms. You have to wonder if the attitudes toward "chinks'" and "chinamen's" drowning deaths on Hot 97 are just the the tip of an iceberg that only breached the surface of the mainstream with the undeniably egregious tsunami song.




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