Cool Web Cams and Asian Spottings

June 13, 2005

I'm probably a total Janey-come-lately to the extent of the web cam scene, but I'm in Europe right now (first we take Prague, then we take Berlin) and I was looking for e-postcards to send to my friends and came across this apparently Czech website which hooks into web cams all over the world so you can grab snapshots for e-postcards. Wow! Pretty toys!

There are no webcams in Afghanistan or Georgia (the autonomous country one, not the midnight train to one) but there are several in China, including this nifty one from the Deutsche Schule in Shanghai, updated every ten seconds or so. How appropriate on so many fronts. Deutschland, hier komm' ich!

In other news, I made a pilgrimage to the Prague expat haven, the Globe Cafe, to use the internet and see if they had any readings in Englisch scheduled while I'm here (they didn't) and ended up sitting perpy to what probably wasn't, but could have been, Prague's only other Asian American, who kept shooting me "I know you are and you know I am" looks.

One thing I gotta say about being involved in the outspoken San Francisco As Am scene is that there are no more of those looks; we constitute a third of this city after all. But to be honest, I kinda almost miss the small secret-agentness of it, the "we're both conspicuously of each other --even if we're not really -- and yet nobody here knows what that really means except us" ness of it, the "And you know I'm not gonna acknowledge you as a sistah, right? And you know why, right?" ness of it. Ya know?

Will report from Berlin.




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