Real IDs

July 24, 2005

The Real ID Act attempts to stop terrorists from acquiring legitimate IDs by requiring more strict control of the issuance of driver licenses. In essence, this Act is turning state driver licenses into National Identity cards, in the process turning state DMV employees into the arbiters of legitimate residency: a judgment call they are not trained to make. In addition, the new IDs are required to be imprinted with new technology that makes the bearers easier to identify and track, but also makes their information easier to steal.

Governor Richardson of New Mexico, along with other Democratic governors, has begun a grumbling over the state law infringement -- not to mention the expense -- imposed by the new requirements for drivers licenses and other state-issued IDs. Richardson points out that New Mexican roads have become safer since undocumented workers began receiving licenses. And complying with the new regulations will cost each state an estimated $100 mill. Since the federal government has allotted little funding to fulfill the provisions of the Real ID Act, guess who's going to be paying for the privilege of being fucked with?

I wonder if gubernatorial rebellion will amount to more than grumbling. What would happen if states simply sat down and refused to budge without federal money?




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