Hapa Washingtonienne

July 3, 2005

I'm talking, of course, about Jessica Cutler, the "refreshingly", frankly shallow senatorial intern who was fired last year for blogging her sexual exploits on the Hill as "The Washingtonienne". Yes, she looks like a poor man's Catherine Zeta-Jones. Yes, she's hapa -- Korean and whatever white "Cutler" implies.

She's back in the news, her fifteen minutes apparently revivified by the financial needs of the publishing industry, which a year ago gave her a six figure advance for--get this--a novel. If you ever needed evidence that the novel as art form is melting into the standards-free morass of unrepentantly fact-unobstructed autobiography, then all you need to read is the surprisingly titled The Washingtonienne.

Am I titillated? Si. Am I disgusted? Dui le. Will I read the book? Nyet, but only because there aren't enough hours in the lifetime to waste on such trash. She will last another fifteen minutes, tops. Then she will disppear into New York City (the rock she has now crawled under) never to be heard from again. Why did I blog about her? Because, for a change, the disgusting, titillating ho wasting column inches that should go to human interest stories on the real cost of war in Iraq--er sumpin'--is hapa. More power to us, I guess.




Don't dis our sista. My wife and I read her book and we liked it! And it got a good review in the NY Times. Calling her a disgusting ho doesn't change that. If she's a ho, she's a ho who can write. Unlike you.