Iranian Americans, Know Your Rights!

August 7, 2005

Appropriately, and not a moment too soon, an Iranian American "Know Your Rights" resolution H.Res.367, condemning discrimination and bigotry against Iranian Americans, was introduced into the House last week. This resolution is part of the new Iranian American Know Your Rights Campaign, spearheaded by the National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement (NLSCA) together with a coalition of community organizations.

To quote the Iranian American Political Action Committee: "The purpose of the campaign is to: (1) educate Iranian Americans of their civil rights and liberties under the Constitution and Bill of Rights; (2) offer legal protection where civil rights of the Iranian American community are being infringed upon; (3) Educate mainstream America on the Iranian American community; and (4) Create media outreach both within the Iranian American media and mainstream media sources."

For help with discrimination visit the National Iranian American Council's (NIAC) discrimination center. For more general information on your rights in general and how the PATRIOT ACT has changed them, check out an earlier blog entry on this subject.




Is this Iran? I didn't think so. Sand nigs don't belong here and don't have any business being in this country in the first place. They should stay in Iran.
okay habib, thanks for sharing. anyone else?
The three brothers are lucky to be in America. They have lots of excuses but accept no responsibility for their own actions. They are full of shoulda, woulda, coulda. How many breaks do they get? We want the world and we want it now. That's them.The brother who came here with an education visa broke the law by remaining. That's illegal. ITS A CRIME. He should have been deported for that. (Hopefully its not too late.)We are a country of laws; if you don't respect our law you should not be here and we should not respect you. Can I come to your home Claire and break the rules of your house just because I have a Masters degree and want some of the nice things and good life that you have (?). I think not.The other brothers are also economic illegals who used the Iranian revolution as a cover come to our country. And none of these guys are citizens! Who cares! Moreover, they are arrogrant illegal. They break our laws and pontificate about THIER RIGHTS. I thought the Constitution pertained to American citizens -- not foreign nationals. They were outraged at the restriction about contacting suspected organizations. Red flag waving! This is post 9-11. Get real. Their rights...really. These fellows all have the RIGHT to return to IRAN. Why don't they? We all know that its a great country and that the country could use the help of these fellows to make it even greater. Fellows, do us a favor, exercise your rights; return to Iran.Claire, you are ashamed of this country. I think you are wrong. I think you ought to be outraged! Outraged that its American citizens like you and me that is paying the bills of the organizations and lawyers that support these guys! I am all for helping AMERICANS 1ST! All others stand in line...and must be legitimately in need. No illegals!
Why is it that we constantly hear what these ethnic communities want and not what they offer? I think the Arab, Persian, Asian and any other ethnic community that cries "racism" whenever things don't go their way would find more support if they gave something TOO America and not always expect something FROM America.
i suppose their tax dollars and dead sons and daughters in war don't count for much. i suppose their efforts in their own communities and the country at large don't count either. and i suppose their request to be treated like all other Americans is a big imposition. to not be discriminated against is NOT something that should be thought of as a 'demand', it is supposed to be a principle part of this country's philosophical foundations. So Aaron, what have you done for your country lately?