Some Katrina Info

September 2, 2005

The Nielsen Haydens' "Making Light" site has the most comprehensive collection of Katrina information links I've seen, including check-in sites for residents who got out to post to their loved ones. Go here and scroll down, way down, to the appropriate dates.

Jose Marquez just blogged this incredible collection of NOLA spins on his "Outis" site. We love news junkies!

Turns out that NOLA disaster management was privatized recently. Surprisingly, the IEM are reticent about their plans.

Columnist Greg Palast makes a plea for a Huey Long-style demo demogogue to arise out of the ... well I was going to say "ashes", but I'll quick-change that to "mud". And I'll second the plea: one democrat with balls, please!


Contact the White House and tell Bush and his cronies to get off their asses. Send in the troops, commandeer some Greyhound buses, urge the Governor to declare martial law, etc.

Donate to the Red Cross.




You can also get Katrina news geared towards articles that touch upon how the aftermath relates to People Of Color, the impoverished and the Bush admin.