Q&A with DJ Rekha

November 5, 2007

What does this organization [the AAAA] mean to you?

“I’m a big supporter of the Asian American Arts Alliance. I’m very excited to be asked to perform – it means a lot for an organization to be around for 25 years and do what they’ve done. I was recently involved with them at the launch of their first free outdoor festival; I helped curate it and did the sound design for it, and Lilian (Cho) has been doing great work forever."

On Kal Penn and the other stars in attendance:

“I’m a fan of Kal; I met Kal a long time ago on the set of American Desi, which I don’t know if either of us will admit to. I think Kal’s doin great work – it’s amazing the visibility he has and he’s still a down to earth guy."

“I am a huge Margaret Cho fan. I love Margaret Cho – she’s great, she’s unabashed, she’s in a burlesque show now I think. It’s great. She’s awesome.”

Current projects:

“I’m releasing my debut album on October 23rd and that’s what I’ve been working on for now.”