New Bambu Music Video, Kiwi Album Release Party Tonight (SF), New Blue Scholars’ album

June 14, 2007

Bambu, who’s also a community activist who works with youth and whose music strives to end violence on the streets, has had critics question the message of this defiant “fuck authority” anthem. We followed up to get his take on the song:

“When, especially in my/our communities, we're being violently attacked on a daily basis, I advocate for armed self-defense and I stand by the phrase, ‘An eye for an eye.’ I think for too long we've been nice. We've been clinging to ’the dream’, but the enemy ain't playing that game. So the song, at a glance, does sound like we're putting ourselves on the offensive front, but really, the song is about just doing something (marching, rallying, etc.) -- the same as with the "gun" reference in the Native Guns name, It's time we stand up and fight the fire with fire. Sounds cliché and corny, but I do believe it's necessary. We have a whole lot of unity, love and peace songs, and not enough "let's get our freedom" songs.”


For folks in the Bay Area,Kiwi, the other voice of the Native Guns, will celebrate the release of his new project, The Summer Exposure Mixtape, at Poleng Lounge tomorrow night with One Struggle, Praxis Rock and DJ Phatrick. More info about the event here,

And last but not least in hip-hop news, the Seattle-based duo Blue Scholars, which consists of Filipino emcee Geologicc and Iranian producer/DJ Sabzi, dropped their second full-length album, Bayani, yesterday. We review the album in our upcoming issue, but why wait to read the review? Why not listen to their music on their myspace page and judge for yourself? (If “North by Northwest” doesn’t make your head nod, then clean out your ear wax.)




The new Bayani album from the Blue Scholars is excellent. Come over to Boston Progress Radio to hear selected tracks. Oh yeah, and wee'll be getting music from Kiwi and Bambu soon too. Rock Rock On.
Can you guys do a feature on Dawn Xiana Moon sometime? I'd love to see some Asian Americans in music that's not classical or hip hop get some press for once.
Really Pretty good, Just lacks originality.
F&*% the Bu77$h!t... Critics attack Bambu because they are afraid of losing what they have within this system. They are afraid of true radical change in our society, clinging to the reformist change ideologies if anything at all. But if th whole car doesn't work then it ain't gonna do anything to just change a couple parts out. And lord knows the powers that be ain't giving up their power here without a physical battle, so all you scary a$$ "progressives" better start preparing yourselves mentally and physicall for what is coming. whether we want to fight or not it, is going to take thatnext level to finally create change for everyone who lives under the gun daily of police aggression, the injustice system, etc.... big ups Bambu, Kiwi, and all my brothers and sisters seeing clearly in the struggle...
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