Is Korean the New Black?

August 24, 2007

cho-johncho-ins1.jpgCho concludes that the source of this new allure most likely comes from Korean Americans' growing demographic and economic weight in the US.

"According to the 2000 Census data, made available by Center for Korean American and Korean Studies, there are 1.08 million Korean people living in the US, approximately 44 percent in California and 20 percent in the New York and New Jersey combined. Koreans are among the top three in educational attainment and household income among the immigrant populations. That pop cultural exchange works both ways."




Well, as a poet & Korean American adoptee, it's interesting to hear this. There are, as Cho notes, a large number of rising Korean stars indeed.
What does she mean, is Korean the new Black? can someone explain the title
It means that are Koreans the next "it" thing.
I dont see that happening at all
and other than as a source of entertainment or popular culture feedstock (but never the true benefactors) when have Blacks ever been 'it'? unless you mean the 'it' of the child's game of tag - the person you run away from. I think it is pretty amusing to title this thread "Is Korean the New Black?" in as much as Cho's piece made no mention of Blacks at all. I would suspect that most Koreans would be moritfied to be compared to Blacks.
"The new black" is an expression that doesn't refer to race, but fashion trends, e.g., "leopard print is the new black."
Amazed:I was just curious what she meant by her statement. I never heard it before, or could have possibly misunderstood it. I just wanted clarification.Im lost by this comment:when have Blacks ever been 'it'? unless you mean the 'it' of the child's game of tag - the person you run away from.As far as pop culture and entertainment goes in America, Blacks invented all this stuff: Jazz, Rock N Roll, Fashion, Hip Hop, the dances. People run toward them, not away from them. I wasnt trying to make this a racial issue. Rebecca answered the question for me. After reading Elizabeth Chos column "HalLyu" It was a good story and shed some light on her point of view.
korean was the new black way before black was even the new black.
I think this is going in the wrong direction. I was just curious to know what the term meant. Living in America I see Korean culture, but I dont see it. If that makes any sense. Im just curious to know what the new sensation is? What gonna take America by storm? Is that a legitamate question? What am I missing out on? If someone would like to introduce some Korean culture to me please.