"Freedom Fighters" Screening

June 6, 2008

Catch a screening of "Freedom Fighters" at the Manilatown Heritage Foundation in San Francisco tonight (located on the first floor of the new I-Hotel).

The film is made by a friend of mine, Wayie Ly, and it's a work in progress. Here's a description of the film:

"'Freedom Fighters' is a documentary that focuses on the influences and inspirations of two courageous women, 87 year-old Yuri Kochiyama and 68 year-old Kiilu Nyasha, as well as the intersections of both their lives with such notables as Malcolm X and Mumia Abu Jamal. The images and audio weave together a story that tells of the issues that both Yuri and Kiilu feel are most relevant today, such as the case of Mumia Abu Jamal and the war at home and abroad. The story highlights these two courageous women who have tirelessly given of themselves to the struggle for true democracy, and human rights for all."

It also sounds like Yuri Kochiyama, who recently turned 87, will be in attendance. A great chance to check out the Manilatown Heritage Foundation and new I-Hotel if you haven't been there already, a new documentary, and to meet Yuri Kochiyama.


Momo Chang

Senior Contributing Editor

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is Kiilu Nyasha Asian, or Black, or bi-racail?