Dollar Store Finds: Nudie Nostalgia Notepad!

November 26, 2008

The cover collage of salaciousness appears driven by some country western/old timey brothel theme, yet manages to maintain that '80s Barbizon glamour model aesthetic. My roomate said it reminds him of those stores in Vegas that sell naughty knick-knacks, like the pens where the lady's clothes come off when you turn it upside down. I hoped something interesting would happen if I turned the notebook upside down -- even shook it a few times -- but no such luck. Guess I'll have to upgrade to the $5 Store for that.

I did feel kind of self-conscious and pervy taking this thing up to the counter, certain I would run into an elderly and judgmental neighbor, or prompt some disapproving Canto comments from the cashiers. But not a one of the aunties working the register batted an eyelash. And that's when I noticed the overflowing box of rubber penis lighters on the counter. Blew my PG-13 notepad right out of the water. I was tempted to post the lighters too, but we like to keep it classy round these here parts. Maybe next week.

So, I'm not sure what this particular Dollar Store Find says about Asian-ness -- that we love school supplies? Find inspiration in saucy cowgirl muses? Exercise "sex sells" marketing savvy? Well, here's one gullible customer. In what way does this demi-nude diary speak to you? Please share.




Genius. A collection of softcore "prawn" images like this usually run at least $4.99. Spend a buck on the journal and then use it to jot down your plans to spend the rest of the money. (I'd drop it on some Mac n' Cheese bites from Jack in the Box.)
That's hilarious