Give the Gift of Hyphen

December 24, 2008

Here's a little quiz for you.

I am:

a) a late shopper
b) waiting for my next paycheck
c) in dire need of an awesome creative stocking stuffer
d) waiting for an awesome deal to renew my own Hyphen subscription
e) all of the above

Regardless of which letter you pick, we hear ya.

I know that we have a few procrastinators out there. No worries. Hyphen
is here to save the day, as always. Forget about candy and chocolate.
People will only hate you because you ruined their diets.

Give the gift of HYPHEN this holiday and receive hugs and kisses in return.

Start with our most recent issue 16, The Consumption Issue.

Get 4 issues for just $15 and 8 issues for, what?! $25. Our best deal yet!

Hurry, offer ends January 31st, 2008. Subscribe here and spread the good news.


Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.