Donate $50 in the Season of Giving

December 15, 2010

photo credit: Andria Lo/Hyphen

Dear Friends,

In 2008, I joined the board of Hyphen magazine. After a multiple-year hiatus from the organization, it's been amazing to return to the fold and see how it's grown from something that a bunch of us dreamed up in a friend's kitchen into an award-winning entity with national reach.

But as an independent publication run by an all-volunteer staff, it remains a project of passion for many people affiliated with Hyphen. Your support -- whether through a tax-deductible donation or through spreading the word about us -- is especially appreciated at a time when the publishing industry continues to search for new models to produce high-quality journalism in an age of multimedia storytelling.

Back in 2002, when we were just getting Hyphen off the ground, I used to joke that we should've made an accompanying reality TV show to chronicle the drama, hilarity and hi-jinks that ensued in those early days. But we stuck it out and figured out a way to start a magazine from scratch with zero funds because we were driven by a common desire to see more diverse images and read more complex stories about Asian America.

After all these years, this desire for a broader and more nuanced documentation of American life is what continues to motivate my work with Hyphen. I hope you'll join me in whatever way you can.

Bernice Yeung

Hyphen Cofounder + Board Chair