Dangerous Times for Recycling Scavengers

December 3, 2008

This isn't the first time Asians have been in the news collecting cans; in fact, the issue has become a political one. Writer Beleza Chan digs into the controversy around "recycling poaching" -- Gov. Schwarzenegger recently signed a bill that would make it illegal for recycling centers to pay more than $50 without proper identification -- in the about-to-drop Consumption Issue of Hyphen. Read the full story here.




this is very disturbing.
80 year old grandma? *shake* faith in humanity -1.
So sad and disturbing. What kind of soulless people would beat a little old lady? Could this be a hate crime?There is a scene in Ham Tran's Journey From the Fall that shows the grandma going out to collect cans, and that made me really feel for can collectors. Seeing the whole story of the family really humanized it.