General Eric Shinseki to Head Veteran Affairs

December 8, 2008

Eric_Shinseki_official_portrait.jpgIn a move that signifies a marked break from the outgoing administration, President-Elect Obama has tapped General Eric K. Shinseki to head the Department of Veteran Affairs. Gen. Shinseki openly criticized the Bush Administration's postwar strategy in Iraq, publicly clashing with then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over how many US troops would be needed to occupy the country. In the years following the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent "surge," it has been generally accepted that Gen Shinseki was right, though he allowed himself to fade out of public view and retired from the Army. Shinseki is the first Asian American four-star general. For more read the full New York Times story.




History was made in the state of louisiana again. The first vietnamese American was elected to congress. Rep clao defeated William Jefferson, the district was predominantly African American and he was still able to receive a large number of the vote. Have anyone with hyphen heard the news? Congrats to general shinaseki