See Theatre Rice and Contribute to Hyphen

December 6, 2008

Theatre Rice has been around on the Berkeley campus for over ten years
now, and I am so amazed that these students work their butts off each
show to give back to the community. They rehearse way past midnight,
sometimes in the midst of midterms and finals. They could've easily
horded all of the money and spent it on costumes, equipments, space
rental, so on and so forth. Instead, they look to the Asian American
community to see where their money can go. Now this is what I call
putting your money where your mouth is! Some past recipients of this
fund are Asian American Theatre Company, Kearney Street Workshop, and
Asian Pacific Islander Youth Promoting Advocacy and Leadership. You can
read more about them here.

and Theatre Rice connect in the sense that we understand the effects of
the lack of representation and misrepresentation of Asians and Asian
Americans in the mainstream media. So essentially everything that we're
doing goes back to that: fighting to give Asian Americans a voice,
whatever that voice may be.

Ah. I love young'uns that are
involved and engaged. Keep it up, Theatre Rice! As for the rest of you,
you can be a part of the movement too by just seeing the show. Don't
miss out.


Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.