Sandeep Sood Outsourced

February 11, 2008

As a nod to his South Asianness, maybe reincarnation would be more appropriate. The latest edition of himself is focused on laughing and makes us all laugh at outsourcing, the phenomenon that he insists isn't flattening the world. According to this rad article in the LA Times, he insists that "The world is still round and lumpy."

It's called Doubtsourcing, and it is pretty funny.

Sandeep is one of the creators of Badmash, a pioneering comic strip that insightfully laughs at all the mishaps and misconceptions of growing up south Asian in America. It was simply brilliant. But to know that Sandeep and his band of maverick artists and comics is onto outsourcing, well, it might be called genius.



Robin Sukhadia
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Sandeep is hot!