Lana, Lana -- Oh, Lana Dear

March 10, 2008

This looks to be a cutesy, independent interview program, shot in a "studio" composed of a makeshift table crammed between filing cabinets. Curious to find out how the interviews will hold up to this well-put-together trailer.

Design is Kinky says the show is hosted by Lana Kim. I'm going to go ahead and take a guess that this is the same Lana Kim who directed this imaginative video, Baby C'mon, with Andy Bruntel.

Thanks go to Christine, Hyphen's Music Editor, for the find--which is fitting, because I just replayed the trailer to hear the background track again more times than I care to admit.




Is that jager? Pizza? R.E.E.F.E.R.? I might be completely wrong, but man I want to be on that show. I will certainly watch the show now to just to make sure. Great marketing.
cute cute!