Amy Winehouse and her new racist song

June 8, 2008

News Of The World and other media are reporting about Winehouse's video (which you can catch here or on YouTube) where she's seen cracked up and singing a racist song:

In a sequence shot around May 2007—weeks after the couple eloped to
wed in Miami—they are in a dingy crack den with Delboy-style bamboo
patterned wallpaper.

Amy, 24, and a pal called Sarah giggle as they sing a string of
racist lines set to the tune of kiddies' favourite ‘Heads, Shoulders,
Knees and Toes'.

Blake pretends NOT to record the unfolding events and eggs them
on, saying: "Can we have a singsong of it?"

Sarah is at first reluctant but soon warms to the action as Amy enthusiastically sings:

"Blacks, Pakis, Gooks and Nips, Gooks and Nips!

"And deaf and dumb and blind and gay!"

She repeats the first line over again and on the word "Nips" Amy pulls her
eyes into slits then pushes her boobs up in a gesture to her nipples.





Sounds like a hit!
she's not racist or else she wouldn't sing like a black ladyi will always love her!!!
I guess in her defense you can say she was as high as a kite, but what a nutcase. Her music sucks anywayy.
No no no, you have it all wrong. You need to listen carefully to the video because Amy actually sings, "Blacks, Pakis, Jews and Nips, Jews and Nips with bamboo lips"...she's making fun of everyone, even herself. Gee everybody lighten-up-a-little.Homer
She's not racist, she's ignorant. Her ex-boyfriend who she went on holiday with when Blake first went to jail is black and her god-daughter is black. She's friends with Perez Hilton, despite all the shit he says about her so I wouldn't exactly call her homophobic either. She's singing the song because she's ignorant enough to not realise that it's so not cool to do that, not because she has malicious intent behind it. Get a grip if you think it 'ruins' her music for you, you either like it or you don't.What the video does show for certain is that Blake is creepy as hell and she's better off without him. He obviously has a very negative influence on her, eggs her on to do stupid, dangerous stuff and treats her like a toy.The News of the World is hardly one to preach about racism, it's a racist rag itself.
they're mewing like a bunch of idiotic kids, singing racist songs. Smooth move. From the looks of it, Blake appears to be your typical budding misogynist. Only higher. Oy. It wasn't God who made Honky Tonk Angels. Why do young girls care so much about garnering approval from cocky fools? The stupidity is mind boggling.I went from having a lot of respect for her, to simply loving her music and feeling sorry for what a young fool she is.If you look under the rocks of a lot of our rock icons - Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, etc., you can always find an underbelly. Imagine if every artist who did a bad or stupid thing didn't record.Amy is a train wreck, but her music is brilliant. She needs to "hit bottom" I suppose, before she'll end up where she needs to be. So sad to see women fold into nothings for a man who wouldn't do the same for them.
jessie & TNK: Please...Sarah: Ignorance breeds racism - not knowing or not being educated enough on the issues only goes so far with me - but in this instance, I don't for one second believe Winehouse didn't know exactly what she was saying.On disassociating her music from "her" - for me it's something I can't do. Part of it is out of principle - I just won't support someone like that - and the other piece is that no matter how much I liked her music before, this racist little ditty and all the things that come along with singing it override any good vibes I once got from her music - the songs just won't sound the same anymore because I'll know where they came from, and it makes a difference.
i wasn't surprised at amy winehouse turning out to be racist. a lot of english kids turn out that way. What surprises me is the number of apologists for her intent on proving she is not a racist. thats just wilful bindness. she is a shitty person, period. come to terms with it. find another singer to for noseknowsall above, she's not singing jews, she sang gooks. thats a derogatory term for vietnamese, as nips is for japanese, pakis for pakistani, indians, bangladeshis. Yes, we can lighten up as you suggested, even in face of blatant racism. but at least don't deny for what it is.
She's a RACIST
oy. i'm actually a really big fan of her music. i feel a bit conflicted. i'd like to just blame it on the crack...
YOU ALL ARE SO DUMB ITS SILLY! You act as if she made up the song herself. I dont give two shits if she is or aint, but who are you to say it, i mean common. She dated a black, shes friends with a tranny, and her herself is jewish so take it like a man and bend over...Untill then, F-ALL U-HATERS!
I think you say things you would say but believe when you have no control of yourself. I loved Amy Windhouse but can't date enough black guys, have enough drag queen friends or have enough black god children to make me believe she doesn't say or think those types of things all the time....and that's what makes her a flaming raciest.
Hey Mikey From aMerica ! Your Too Stupid and dumb to Understand the Human Mind! You're just another UN-EDUCATED MONKEY !!!
I understand that Amy is so torn by all this recent racist stuff she has promised to try to be more punctual at her live performances going forward because she doesn't want the black members of her gang, I mean band, to not feel appreciated.atanu - who wrote that Amy is a shitty blind racist unworthy of idol status: gee's, before coming down that hard on her can't we wait until she a least kills someone.
I will always think of her racist rhymes for children when I hear all her other songs.I was her fan but now I'm just a Nip to her. No amount of drugs can be blamed for those types of thoughts- Sayoko
I'm too stupid and too dumb to understand the human mind? Coming from a douche bag who's calling them self "The Mind", LOL!! PUH-LEES! I don't need to prove my intelligence to some silly twat that gets offended faster than it takes a prostitute to lie on her back!Now on to dumb broad "LIA", WTF are you talking about? I obviously have enough control over my self to create a sentence that makes since, let alone covey my point, unlike yourself, stupid trick...Lastly! "Sayoko" is another dumb sheep, followin this crowd of even dumber douche bags. If that video was enough to make you stop liking her music then you were never a fan to begin with. I bet the only song you knew was Rehab anyways. Tisk Tisk Tisk, its your loss. Until next time, my flock of dumb dumb sheep, CIAO!
We are all racist to some extent - shaped by our is how we react to the dark parts of our psyche that is important...her problem is that she is an alcoholic under a microscope - the magnification kills....
If we began deciding to like or dislike the art of an artist based on the personal beliefs of the artist then our lives would be rather bland. I'm sure every painter, singer, poet, actor and all other artists in the past, present and future possesses at least one belief that conflicts with our own. I say if you are drawn to a painting, poem or in this case, an album of Motown throwbacks then embrace that and disconnect yourself from the person who created it. Once a piece of art is created, it has its own entity that even the artist can't claim and don't deny yourself from enjoying it.
Just because you have black friends does not automatically mean you are not a racist. When someone uses their previlege (like Winehouse) and makes that a place to say inappropriate things, knowingly that those are degreading terms, it is racism.
Ain't it interesting that Jews are always the first to play the Anti-Semitism Card when anybody dares criticize God's Chosen People, but then they turn around and casually spout racist rhetoric at the drop of a hat.Their alibi is basically: "I'm a Jew. So I get a free pass to talk shit about colored people."Amy Winehouse and other Media Jews (like in Hollywierd) had best get it through their heads that ain't kosher.