Sex and the City Not So Pretty

June 9, 2008

Raise your hands if you thought the new 'Sex and the City' blew chunks.

- Largely plotless

- Horrible pacing

- Couldn't make myself care if any of the characters were happy, sad, getting laid or not getting laid.

- I'm not categorically against interracial adoption, but Charlotte's little girl Lily (of Chinese provenance) ended up a mascot to four rich white ladies. She even parrots the word "sex" when answering one of their cellphones.

- Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's personal assistant was just... weird. It seemed set up as an SATC foray into black subjectivity. You have five siblings? Wow! and wow!

- As Anthony Lane says in his New Yorker slam, the winner for "most revealing line in the film" is "Miranda's outburst as she hunts for an apartment in a mainly Chinese district: 'White guy with a baby! Let's follow him.' So that's what drives these people: Aryan real estate."