Heath Hyche: Last Yellow Face Comic Standing

July 7, 2008

Dumbass Hyche does a prop bit where he's a fighter pilot in WW II and starts out
looking like this:


And then of course being the crack comedian he is, he makes sure to play the other part as well, complete with his wax on wax off me so horny aren't Japanese accents just so fucking funny voice:




Seriously -- are you fucking kidding me?

Who in their right mind does this shit anymore?

Oh wait -- WTF was I thinking -- half the audience laughed (you dumbfucks), and to make it more insulting they decided to get a closeup of an Asian girl who decided to laugh once the camera was on her (and while I'll give her some benefit of the doubt because the camera panned to her and she probably just got nervous as shit -- if you ever catch me on camera with that going on you'll get a big Asian middle finger along with a tirade of "I can't believe that fucking KKK racist bullshit").

Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa's reaction to Hyche's bit?



I gotta give it up to them -- seriously give it up to them -- for telling Hyche that there's no place for ethnic stereotyping in 2008, and that if they had to watch 45 minutes of his bullshit that they'd kill themselves.

So would I.

Here's Hyche after getting his beatdown on national television (and not making the finals).


See ya.




Keep in mind, this is reality TV where reaction shots are frequently taken out of context to fit the story the producers want. There's a decent chance the audience didn't laugh at Hyche during the actual performance, but the producers edited in footage of the audience laughing at other jokes (maybe even another comedian's jokes) to make it look like they found him funny. Out-of-context reaction shots are pretty common on reality TV nowadays.There was a small scandal in the second season where, supposedly, Ant's performance had the laughter totally added in the editing room. (See also that Ester Ku "leaked" video clip and compare it to what aired. The audience barely laughed in the original clip, but seemed to love her on the TV show.)Of course, if that's the case that's another reason to be pretty annoyed with the LCS producers for making it look like the audience loved the racist humor.
ughh.but yeah i was just going to make that point Lyle made. the woman in the audience may have been laughing at another comedian and they edited her in.i like how the judges are giving dude the GASFACE.
Nice post Slanty, I like your opinion piece. I could not have said it better myself. No need to water it down. Thanks.
Lyle and giles: I didn't even think about them cutting in her reaction - thanks for posting that.Mich: Appreciate the words - and definitely - no water necessary.
WTF?! So glad he got the beatdown from the judges. Whoever is editing this shit should get the beatdown too.
is there a link to the clip? i can't seem to find it...
NBC re-aired the episode tonight. I noticed that they completely left him out and didn't even show his bit. I certainly thought there was no place for his material and completely agreed with the judge's reaction and comments.
Seriously?...you were offended by Heath's bit? How can ANY comedian like Richard Belzer say what he did was offensive when he and other comics use the "F" word to describe even the most pleasant things? Heath has a great gift of being funny without having to stoop to such levels of profanity and distaste. I agree, Last Comic Standing is not the platform for his kind of comedy, but take it easy on the politcal correctness, please! I have NEVER seen a comedian pass up a chance to make fun of someone at the risk of hurting someone's feelings...
LLC. Seriously? Are you equating racism and stereotyping with profanity?
As a Christian, I can't be equally offended by someone taking the Lord's name in vain for a good laugh as someone who's nationality or other attributes has been used in the same way? Look, I'm not saying any of it is OK, but let's all get on the same page here. Heath was not calling all nations of the earth out against the Japanese, for goodness sake. It was a joke about our nation's history...let's laugh (or not) and get on with it. No one has to agree about WHAT is funny, but to let him be the poster boy for political correctness on national TV was uncalled for.
To Whom It May Offend:Get over it. Were we watching the same program? I watched a talented comedic artist perform a hilarious sketch about a serious historic political event, not declare war on a population. Give me a BREAK! Take Saturday Night Live off the air...we are much too civilized.Was no one offended by the judge's invocation and misappropriation of hara-kiri in his response? Oh, and by the way, did anyone notice he said "Harry Caray"? Duh. As an east-coast Italian-American, I supposed I could sit around and be offended by his portrayal of Italians as gun-toting murderers in his former role and as idiots in real life (see above Harry Caray comment) but who can be bothered? If you don't like it, change the channel. End of story.Furthermore, where is the article here on Esther Ku's entire set? I'm sorry, it's "legal" (quoting Belzer) to make offensive comments about one's own ethnicity or appearance? SHE IS KOREAN-AMERICAN FROM CHICAGO, PEOPLE! Did her "my professor would think I was asleep anyway in class" joke not enrage you? What about the "ricence and legistration" bit? I would think you would be outraged by this.Oh, and I'm sure people with obesity issues deserved her response about why no one asks them to dinner -- maybe they think you're full? Really? Oh, of course, I get the difference now...fat people deserve it because they have a choice and they are lazy. Where was my head? I didn't think she was funny, but I'm not going to wage an internet war on her on behalf of my Korean friends or people with weight issues.Regardless of whether or not you laughed, leave it alone. There are too many problems in the world to be picking apart the people that are bringing laughter to it. Perhaps your energy would be better spent on real issues, such as the upcoming election, the real war we are fighting, or that nagging hangnail you just keep forgetting to clip off -- all more productive activities than being a jerk to someone whose approach to his profession bothers you.LLC, I agree with you wholeheartedly.Peace.
i think the attitude of "if you don't like it, change the channel" isn't very... what's the word, constructive? i mean, you are basically encouraging people to be apathetic. if a woman should get robbed in the middle of the night, and someone doesn't like it, should that person just walk away and pretend like it never happened? regardless of whether the act was offensive or not (i didn't watch it yet so i can't say - although i must say his "costume" was horrendous and in very low taste - are we back in the 60s?) i think people are more than allowed to feel offended and are more than allowed to discuss it. especially since this is an asian american blog, where we discuss asian american issues. what we think is ok, the many voices that come out of these discussions. your attitude is precisely the one that we don't need. if you don't like it, shut up. well, we are not going to. end of story.also, i really don't find what's so funny about america's history. is there really something worth to be laughed at? especially if history has proven to repeat itself?feel free to let the public know if you found the interment camps to be funny.
I thought it was hilarious and i was mad when you didn't make it to the next round.
Hey Grownup: You need to take your own advice. If you don't like this blog or magazine, then change the f*cking channel, you dago wop bastard.Take you and your Chef Boyardee ass back to New Joisey or wherever they hell you and your goomba Tony Soprano spawn live.And don't you dare cry about "reverse racism," you goddamn White bitch.Since you love racist stereotypes so much, I'm just giving you and other cracker-ass crackers here a little taste of your own medicine.Now, get the fuck back to Crackerville, U$A.
What the hell does this have to do with Esther Ku? This is a post about Heath Hyche doing yellow face.For the record, there is a whole other blog entry on Esther Ku. Why don't you go read it instead of assuming that just because she's Asian American, other Asian Americans don't find her act offensive or dumb.
Oh, lovely! We've a haole telling us that we shouldn't be offended by this crap.Hey, Mario...when your opinion/advice is of any consequence to us, we'll let you know.So, please kindly continue eatin' your bowl of spaghetti and shut da fug up, greaseball.
Chill on the name calling, folks...
Jesus.Don't you guys realize that he was actually lampooning 1950s American cinema's racist portrayal of the Japanese during WWII?The whole thing was satire on how Americans used to regard the Japanese. This was not making fun of Japanese people in any way whatsoever.At least half the audience got it.Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa are ignorant idiots. It went way over their heads and Schirripa even took the opportunity to play God and elevate himself at Hyche's expense. Asshole.
Craker Killa you are a big damn hypocrite just like Belzer and steve you are big damn hypocrites