B.D. Wong Does it All in 'Herringbone'

August 27, 2008

The show is described as: "A ghost story with a vaudeville twist. A musical with a dash of murder. A one-man tour de force. When 8-year-old George discovers his gift for tap-dancing, everyone wants a piece of him. As the adults around him exploit his talents, George finds himself in a profound supernatural struggle for control over body and soul."

The setting of the play is the Depression-era American South, meaning Wong sings and dances his way through 11 different characters that weren't written as Asian Americans. Hopefully, his performance will help put a dent into the typecasting of AA actors in theater. Because you can only hold out for a part in "Miss Saigon" for so long...

Check out some of B.D.'s blogs from the McCarter website.


Sylvie Kim

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