Kollaboration 9: Los Angeles

February 26, 2009


Allen Evangelista (right) from Secret Life of the American Teenager on the red carpet with his sister.


The cast and crew of West 32nd. (L-R) Lanny Joon, Hans Kim, director Michael Kang, and Pedro Kim talk to the press before the show.

kollaboration_nylonpink.jpgRock group Nylon Pink tells the crowd who they are.

kollaboration_teammillennia.jpgRecently ousted America's Best Dance Crew contestants Team Millennia open the show with a guest performance.

kollaboration_kinagrannis.jpgSinger-songwriter Kina Grannis belts it out.

kollaboration_kenichi.jpgBut it's gravity-defying dancer Kenichi Ebina who takes the win.

All photos courtesy of Audrey Cho. For more info or to see if there's a Kollaboration event in your city, check out www.kollaboration.org.



David Choi is not in the ranks of the great songwriters. His compositions sound nauseatingly similar to each other, derivative and forgettable tripe. Only the hopeful and desperate asian brain is blind to this fact.