William Wong: Sonia Sotomayor's Heritage Enhances Her Supreme Court Qualifications

June 1, 2009

Wong says her cultural heritage and background -- as well as the
fact that she is a woman -- re-animates a continuing debate in America
about power and equal opportunity. The debate is being used by conservatives to pummel those from the historic margins of American life -- women, and non-white ethnic minorities.  Read Wong's full column.

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Photo by Peter Souza/White House


Harry Mok

Editor in chief

Editor in Chief Harry Mok wrote about growing up on a Chinese vegetable farm for the second issue of Hyphen and has been a volunteer editor since 2004. As a board member of the San Francisco and New York chapters of the Asian American Journalists Association, Harry has recruited and organized events for student members. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was also a graduate student instructor in the Asian American Studies Department.



Affirmative action = reverse discrimination against Asian Americans
You can love her ethnic background all you want, but the law and the constitution must not be defined by it. Affirmative action is surely reverse discrimination against Asian Americans. I'm not sure if Wong has attended college lately, but it's becoming increasingly popular for Asians to be on the bottom of the affirmative action list next to the nonexistent Caucasians.