Asianspotting: Asian Female in Miley Cyrus' New Hit

October 29, 2009

Check it.

After the whole Miley Cyrus "slanty eye" gesture incident a couple of months ago (which I don't think she ever apologized for since she believes she was merely making a "goofy face"; we're all just crazy right?)*, looks like homegirl is trying to make it up to the community she offended by strategically placing an Asian person in her chart-topping song, "Party in the USA." Hmmm...

Tell me I'm just reading too much into it.

*Apparently Miley "did" apologize the second time around, but in my honest opinion, I wouldn't really consider that an apology. Seriously. Someone needs to write a book on the art of apologizing. I'll stop before I get too mean.


Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.



FYI, Miley did offer a secomd apology, HERE: dancers appeared to represent the cultural diversity of the USA.
Thanks for the "real apology" link. But I wouldn't go as far to say that her dancers represent the cultural diversity of USA. I mean, where is the Asian guy?
sorry, i'm trying to concentrate on your question, but I'm just laughing too hard. i love how the american flag unfurls when she says "britney!" it's actually kind of appropriate, given how miley can't even dance. she makes britney look good.