Women's History Month: Check-in

March 15, 2009

Just wanted to check in on a couple of fronts before I proceed with the
profiles (which got derailed by the beginning of the fillum festival,
but is now back on track.)

Firstly, there's an Asian Women Blog Carnival
brewing. "What is a blog carnival?" you ask. Well, it's where someone
proposes that everyone blog about a topic, and then all the bloggers
send in URLs to their posts on that topic, and the person who proposed
it then posts links to all the blog posts on that topic in one place.
That's a carnival. So yeah, post something about Asian women (and yes,
you have to be an Asian woman, see the link for a definition of who
qualifies) and send the link on in. Deadline is April 3. PLEASE DON'T

Secondly. I got a few suggestions for profiles:

  • Maxine Hong Kingston
  • Amy Tan
  • Helen Zia
  • Sugar Pie DeSanto
  • Queen Liliuokalani
  • And a request for Michelle Kwan and Vera Wang together!

is an interesting spread. I might could do alla dese. BUT. All of these suggestions, except for Sugar Pie DeSanto and the Queen, are Chinese. That's bad juju, that is.

What do you
guys think? Who's missing here? Whom do you want to see? Can we get some South Asian, and Southeast Asian, and Central Asian, and North Asian American woman role models? Hmmm? And about whom are
YOU going to blog? And can you please post a link to your blog posts

Thanks, all!




Vivienne TamYeohlee TengMonique LhuillierJessica HagedornHanae MoriYayoi KusamaNikki S. LeeShirin NeshatYoko OnoM.I.A.Renee Tajima-PenaAung San Suu KyiTheresa Hak Kyung Cha
I second Yoko Ono. I am interested in her as the conceptual artist and not simply John's wife. I've written about her work/the book Grapefruit in the past. I also second Teresa Hak Kyung Cha.Other suggestions: Reetika Vazirani. Bhanu Kapil. Vangie Buell.I've just written about M. Evelina Galang's novel, ONE TRIBE, so it isn't a profile but about her work itself.
I know she's Chinese American too, but you should look into adding Grace Lee Boggs to your list. She's pretty freakin' amasian.
thanks, guys! I'll definitely look into those.also, i'd still like to do a links post to other profiles, so please send me links as you write stuff!