Author Mike Kim on 'The Daily Show'

July 1, 2009

Kim, a full-time Georgetown MBA student and founder of the Crossing Borders NGO, details his four years in China assisting the escape of North Koreans through a network similar to the Underground Railroad during American slavery.

As we've learned from the sentencing of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the risks for humanitarians and journalists stepping foot near North Korea are very real. Kim talks with Stewart about his run from Chinese federal agents and North Korean assassins while helping with escapes.

Check out the official website for the book, and definitely check out the insightful -- and still somehow funny -- interview which offers a glimpse into Kim Jong Il's anti-democracy propaganda, the plight of everyday North Koreans, and even a Jon Stewart joke about travel diarrhea to lighten the mood.


Sylvie Kim

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Thanks for the short article and the video. This was very interesting!
I have this book - it is a must read - I agree that "Escaping North Korea" is an "inspiring yet tragic study of the brave few in North Korea who have chosen to vote with their feet to leave the earth’s most repressive regime. An important and accessible piece of work, it should be read by generalists and specialists alike.” —Victor Cha, Georgetown University