Team Hyphen Runs the San Francisco Marathon

May 5, 2010

The reasons vary. We have personal records to set or a pair of running shoes that are in dire need of attention. Some of us are looking for a socially acceptable reason to blast Miley Cyrus on our iPods and wear form-fitting spandex in the daytime. A handful of us are tired of being (supposedly) the lone San Franciscan in the room running less than ten miles a day. A few, like this writer, cite all of the above. 

We differ in experience, in athleticism, and in rationale, but a few common traits hold: along with looking immaculate even when drenched in our sweat, we are all running the San Francisco Marathon on July 25, 2010 as a part of Team Hyphen Magazine.

As with many of Hyphen’s endeavors, we are fueled by the energy of community and this experience is no exception. We need supporters of all types -- people to advise us on training or to tell us what fabric, logo, slogan, and color will highlight our cause and accentuate our runners’ thighs. We need spectators to don our Team Hyphen t-shirt and to scream sweet nothings at the finish line.  Most of all, we need runners to represent on race day. First time half-marathoners and inspiring/intimidating world-class runners alike are welcome. The timing is perfect: Registration for the San Francisco Marathon is still open!      

For Team Hyphen, running 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles embodies far more than the self-important satisfaction of doing so. Proceeds from Team Hyphen’s exertions -- from our soon-to-be-on-sale t-shirts to events leading up to the San Francisco Marathon -- will go to charity and to sustaining Hyphen’s progressive voice. Each of Team Hyphen’s founding members is committed to raising $500 by July 25. Yet, all runners interested in racing on behalf of Hyphen can join the team by contributing any amount. We’ll be sure to support all of our Team Hyphen runners with training, tips, and (platonic) shoulder massages. 

Team Hyphen will be chronicling its training successes and sagas on the Blog and will be hosting a series of events and practice runs open to all. Our first open run will take place this Thursday, May 6 at Kezar Stadium at 7:00 PM -- come for the mileage and the good company whether you’re registered for the San Francisco Marathon or not. Love for Hyphen required. Spandex optional (for now). 

Kezar Stadium is located at 755 Stanyan Street in San Francisco. For more information about Team Hyphen Magazine, contact Hung Chang at hung [at]