Jeremy Lin Looking for Shot at NBA

June 24, 2010

Photo by Derek Lieu


The NBA draft is tonight and Harvard's Jeremy Lin probably won't be picked, but could catch on with a team as a free agent.

The NBA draft only has two rounds, and most prognosticators don't believe Lin will be chosen. He played against inferior competition in the Ivy League, and some scouts say that while he's a great passer for a point guard, his offensive skills may not be ready for the NBA.

In this video, he discusses his workout with the Warriors, and here are some highlights of his college career.

If he hooks up with a team, Lin would be a rare Asian American pro athlete, which is why he has a lot of fans in the Asian American community. Lin wasn't offered a scholarship from a big-time college program when he graduated from high school, and stereotypes about Asian Americans not being good athletes may have played a role, which he also discusses in this video. But he's proven the detractors wrong with a nice career at Harvard and could make it to the pros.



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Jeremy Lin is going to the Dallas Maverick's mini-camp.

I think this is pretty encouraging and a good spot for Jeremy, as their owner Mark Cuban has been pretty bold, innovative, and intelligent in a lot of his moves to resurrect that franchise.  He started the trend of taking non-American players with high draft picks (Dirk Nowitzki), and he was also the first to give Steve Nash a chance, when Nash was getting no playing time with Phoenix and an unknown player.

Jeremy Lin can play, and I think the Maverick's are one of the teams in the league that will actually give him a chance if he can show his all-around, facilitating game.  Another team I thought would give Lin a good shot were the Rockets, due to their analytical approach to player evaluation which would likely be less influenced by other factors... like race.

Guys, Lin would be better going overseas, or playing in the developemental league. Nash and Norwitzki were high picks, it was just a matter of time before they started. I dont see Lin as a starter. At the same time, if he wa given a shot in the NBA, he might surprise the world. If the NBA doesnt pick him up he can go overseas like a lot players do and develope.