AAA-Fund Calls for Resignation of GOP Staffer over Racist Message

August 20, 2010


Originally published at AAA-Fund blog.

Last week, the campaign to elect Republican congressional candidate Mike Pompeo (pictured above) used Twitter and Facebook to direct its supporters to read an inflammatory blog post. The post called Kansas State Representative and congressional candidate Raj Goyle a “turban topper” and questioned his ability to govern due to his ethnicity and alleged religious beliefs. The AAA-Fund executive director Gautam Dutta demanded that Pompeo immediately fire all staff responsible for sending the racist attack.

“This conduct is simply unacceptable and has no place in American politics ,” said Dutta. “By allowing the communications director to remain, Mike Pompeo is sanctioning his staff’s actions and sending a message to his supporters that racism and hatred are a real part of his politics and campaign.”

Raj Goyle is currently serving his second term as Kansas State Representative and is running for United States Congress in the Fourth District against RNC committeeman Mike Pompeo.

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Note from Hyphen: According to this Huffington Post article, Pompeo has apologized, blaming the Tweet on a "miscellaneously copied URL." Yeah...