Five Days of Mr. Hyphen: Antonio Moya

November 2, 2010

As Mr. Hyphen 2010 approaches, we bring you a closer look at each contestant -- one each day, in no particular order -- for the entire week. Let the count-down begin!


Antonio Moya

Built on the model of Apollo, Antonio is a man of both music and healing. Antonio was born in the Philippines and moved to California after the 1986 People Power Revolution in Manila. Since then he has received the Fulbright Grant and studied how to make stroke care more widely available to patients throughout Metro Manila. As a UCSF medical student and a jazz musician, Antonio hopes to use both his music and medical skills to bring therapy and help for patients everywhere. He is dedicated to providing health care to the Filipino community of San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, as most residents there live below the poverty line and are without medical insurance.

Antonio says:

Mr. Hyphen to me represents a confident leader in the Asian Pacific Islander community who breaks the typical Asian male stereotype of being the "guy in the background." He advocates for the underserved by voicing out their struggles to those who can positively affect that community. I know that I can be the next Mr. Hyphen because I have the resources to share with others what health care challenges face the underserved Filipino community.


Mr. Hyphen 2010 will take place on Saturday, November 6th at the Brava! Theater in San Francisco. Click here for tickets!




i want to live a healthy lifestyle and be a healthy individual..Im a filipino too. how can i motivate myself? hope you can send mo some tips.. ive read some articles about you and health realated topics..thanks Godbless....