Five Days of Mr. Hyphen: Kyle Chu

November 5, 2010

As Mr. Hyphen 2010 approaches, we bring you a closer look at each contestant -- one each day, in no particular order -- for the entire week. Let the count-down begin!


Kyle Chu

As a writer, filmmaker and musician, Kyle is armed to the teeth with the arsenals of media. They are all necessary, because his goal is to aim straight for the heart of the beast. Embarrassed by the dated Hollywood images of Asian Americans, Kyle nevertheless believes that film and television media are the most viable method to dispel stereotypes for generations to come. Now a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and back in the Bay Area, Kyle hopes to reveal the Asian American diversities to the world through his own voice, standing on the shoulders of H.P. Mendoza, Quentin Lee and Justin Lin.

Kyle says:

I want to foster an unconditional sense of pride and commitment to one's heritage through teaching about film and creating media that breaks stereotypes and truly reflects the many ways in which we live. Pride is Power, and I know we all have the power to shed light on what it means to be Asian American.



Mr. Hyphen 2010 will take place on Saturday, November 6th at the Brava! Theater in San Francisco. Click here for tickets!




so well spoken! impressively fluid three minutes.