Hip Hop Producer Seba Jun, aka Nujabes, Reported Dead at 36

March 18, 2010


According to an announcement posted today on Hydeout Productions, DJ and hip hop producer Nujabes passed away late last month in a car accident at the age of 36.

Nujabes, whose real name is Seba Jun, is remembered as one of the premiere producers in the underground hip-hop scene. His philosophical, atmospheric music spanned beyond his native Japan. He has done collaborations with British and American artists such as CYNE's Cise Star (Lady Brown) and Substantial (Think Different). He is perhaps most widely recognized for his work on the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo.

His production company notes that he had been working on several tracks, which they hope to piece together and release as his final work.

Oakland-based music artist and collaborator Shingo Annen, known as Shing02, was among the first to break the somber news to the American hip-hop community. His post can be read here.

Whatever may have been lost in Google's Japanese to English translation of Hydeout's announcement, the text somehow poetically describes his passing: Without having to raise the heartbeat again, took off into the sky.





So devistating.. really, it is.. Seba Jun Forever <3

wooooowww am lost for words...rip Jun!

This is great loss for everyone, especially for everyone who loved underground. Nujabes was mine, and I'm for sure, a lot of other people's introduction to "underground hip hop" Rest in Beats man.

.... My favorite DJ gone .... *sad as HELL* -_-.   i wanted to see him one day...

This just threw my mind for a loop.

At least heaven's got one helluva Dj for parties. =) 

Rest in Peace.


Just recently became a fan... but cant fathom the fact that hes really gone. Rest in peace. You melody will live on forever embeded in the hearts of your fans.<3


You had to go through hell.. but you made it to heaven.

You will be missed and are so loved. Such an undeserved loss..

i cant believe it.....my hearts broken into two... ;___; 

seba jun r.i.p. ..




Oh, no.. we've lost a true treasure of a man. Rest in Peace, friend.. your music has always been beloved by me, and always shall be. Damn this is.. actually painful. *Sighs..* You will truly be missed, good sir.
this is crazy! he was one of the best musicians i've ever heard, :'( I wanted to meet him in real person one day....World's end Rhapsody R.I.P Nujabes.... T-T
his music lives on forever <3
No one came even slightly close to his style.  His music made me feel good and strong, emotional, and light-weight all at the same time. THIS is SAD.
I just recently became a fan of Seba Jun by listening to his work in Samurai Champloo. May his soul be at peace now knowing he has manifested hope and happiness to everyone that hears his work. He influenced even more people with the love, music, and good nature he left behind.
Youve been my inspiration for years your music help me through the good and bad times i dont belive this happened i was so shocked when i heard it. NUJABES EVERYONE IS THE BEST MUSICIAN THE UNQUIE STYLE NO ONE WILL EVER LIVE UP 2. We lost a real good person that can produce unbeliveable music RIP NUJABES :(

Rest In Peace Forever

It was actually because of Nujabes that I started making music in the first place. I loved how magical his melodies were, and how they instantly made my mind drift from reality and float into some heavenly music-filled realm. I just learned about this a few days ago, and I've really got to say that I wanted to meet him and Shing02 in person some day; we've lost a really good one. One of the few hip-hop producers (imo) that stood out because of his great skill. RIP Nujabes, and I'm always in debt to you for your music and helping me find my career path and calling, choosing to keep composing and never stop.
I......loved this man's work. It touched me to my soul in a way that very very few types of music could and still can. The fact that this man is gone is truly a lost on not just the world of music but the world it self, because yes his work (atleast in my opinion) was just that moving. R.I.P. Seba-san. I hope to meet you on the other side one day to tell you just how much your work meant to me.
Shika no Uta  lead me to Nujabes... When I heard Feather I found Hip-Hop again.This man's work is beyond words. His music has helped me through hard times, and for that you will always have my respect 
I can't believe this, he was only 36 years old, what a waste...! It makes me think just how unpredictable death can be, any of us could get involved in a similar stupid accident and which would put an end to our life. It must be terrible for his family to lose him at such a young age... Life Insurance
"now enough with the metaphors, the motivation that I wrote this letter for for you to know that the music help us carry on, like you say a new day will bring us tomorrow…"-   just look at the beauty of those words. his songs were my medicine for hard times, and my friend in good times. his lyrics are my therapy may his soul rest in peace and let heaven listin to his music now...
That's terrible.Rest in peace forever.
I'm so sad! I absolutly love his music and instrumentals. I remember the first time I ever heard his work, I was hooked in that instance. His music gave me the motivation to start writting my poetry again. Such a talented kat. It really isnt fair! I listen to his work with the same love but I cant help but feel sad and empty because he left this earth too soon way before his time. I will always love and respect this kat for his undeniable talent. I will continue to listen to him and keep his flame lit. rest peace.fully! forever in my heart forever bumping your art:)