Openish Thread: Immigration Reform, What About the Winners?

May 17, 2010

As usual, there will be no cursing, attacking, or other misbehavior on this thread. Also, please stay on topic or I will delete you: no random immigration-related rants, no grandstanding. Thanks.

First, read this article by Olympic medalist Simon Cho. In the article, he explains how he originally entered the U.S. as a child without documentation. His father eventually got that situation sorted out, but he was what conservatives like to call an "illegal immigrant."

So ... how about that? I'd like to hear from Asian Americans who oppose undocumented immigration. What about those immigrants who end up bringing serious advantages to their adopted country? What about the winners whose achievements honor the United States and offer a testament to our can-do, immigrant spirit? Do success stories change your view about undocumented immigration? And if they don't, what should be done with undocumented immigrants who have made good in the U.S.? Should they be deported?