UCLA Won't Punish Student for Anti-Asian Video Rant

March 18, 2011

Update: UCLA said it won't take disciplinary action against the student who created the anti-Asian YouTube video that went viral.

"While we were appalled and offended by the sentiments expressed in the video, we have uncovered no facts to lead us to believe the student code of conduct was violated. The campus has no intention of pursuing the matter further," UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton told the Los Angeles Times.

The video rant by Alexandra Wallace is offensive to most fair-minded people. But does Wallace deserve any more punishment than the public humiliation and death threats she's endured?

Update to the Update: And, Wallace said in an apology letter released to the Daily Bruin that she will no longer attend classes at UCLA.




john galliano gets charged in france, while the westboro church is allowed to continue their protests. i love/hate free speech