Hyphen TV: Multicultural Evil Twins, the Upside of Losing a Benjamin

October 3, 2011

Annie Kim knows the answer. To boring classroom outfits.

Big week on Community, where we met Annie "Asian Annie" Kim, the "multicultural evil twin" of series regular Annie Edison. Annie K has a cute Kate Spade look, knows the answers to all of the professor's questions, and steals Annie E's idea to start a Model UN (am I the only one who notices that this place is more of a high school than a college?). But wait! Before you jump to "Asian stereotypes" conclusions, know that these Annies really are one another's doppelgängers, as these are all qualities that Annie E shares (possibly not the stealing part -- they do need conflict, after all). Regular Annie defeats Evil Annie in the end, of course, but it was great to see a nice comic turn from Irene Choi. Hope to see more of you again, Irene!

The two Annies. But which is truly the evil one?

Speaking of people we want to see more of, Mike Chang became assistant dance teacher to Mr. Schuester on Glee. We obviously got to see Mike's usual sweet moves, and this sets his character up for (SPOILER ALERT) next week's episode featuring him and his family. Woo, can't wait!

My favorite new series Awkward. closed out its first series with, what else, a big dance episode. Our girl Ming wasn't allowed to attend the winter formal with a boy, so her date was ... a lesbian? Not sure why living a lie is less "lame" than going to a dance stag with your friends, but whatever. I also neglected to mention previously that teacher/guidance counselor love interest Mr. Mishra (played by Sunkrish Bala) is another fun Asian American character the show has given us. In the season finale he was a chaperone who allowed his guidance counselor lady love to dump a bowl of punch on the school bully. Sweet!

Mr. Mishra's on purse check duty

Sally's back on an upward turn on Top Chef: Just Desserts, landing a win on the Quickfire challenge (along with immunity and $5K!). It looked like a cakewalk for her this time, as the chefs had to make desserts using savory root vegetables, and Sally made an Asian-inspired mango and turmeric dish that seemed strange and delicious. The savory theme continued in the Beastie Boys elimination challenge, where Sally made a slightly horrifying-sounding prosciutto cake, toffee sauce with chicharrón chicken skin, and cheddar ice cream. I know, I'm gagging a little bit too. But she landed in the top three, so it must have been tasty! Go Sally!

"I hope this doesn't turn out gross."

Anya had what seemed like the worst week anyone's ever had on Project Runway, at least initially. She lost her cash at Mood, leaving her with 11 bucks and change from her fellow contestants instead of the $100 they were each given for materials. Though mostly everyone was as helpful as possible to the always sweet Anya, she was truly shaken up for the first time we've seen, crying and all but filled with despair. She pulled herself together to dye some muslin and actually sort of got a break when the designers were tasked with adding a second look in the eleventh hour. "More money!" Anya must have been thinking during her second visit to Mood. Nevertheless, she struggled more than ever before, actually heading into the sewing room as Tim Gunn announced that they had one minute left. Girl, you do not want to still be sewing when Tim Gunn says you have one minute left.

Not pictured: Anya's soul, dying

I was sure this would be a premature end for Anya, but the judges adored her prints, as usual, and they were especially impressed by her resourcefulness when faced with almost no materials. They also loved her second look, a jumpsuit that Michael Kors called "a home run garment." Will you believe that she won? I barely did, but Anya pulled it out big time. How does she DO that?!

This was briefly for sale online, but you've missed your chance.

Not much to say about this week's episode of Survivor besides the fact that both tribes chose to have their female Asian members work on the puzzle part of the challenge. I mean, I totally would have done the same, so I can't blame them. Gimme a puzzle any day, but don't expect me to run or push blocks or balance on one foot or whatever (I do not plan on applying to Survivor any time soon).

Elyse contemplates her next puzzle (okay, I'm projecting)

This week on The Sing-Off, the YellowJackets made it to the next round, but we bid farewell to Kinfolk 9. Once Sara Bareilles told Jenilee that she needed to be "unabashed" and not careful or nervous, I knew it was curtains. Awesome job, Kinfolk 9! I'll miss your delightful fashions.

                             You wuz robbed, guys.


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