Hyphen TV: Not as Well as My Mother Would Like

October 30, 2012

Jujubee and Raven, half-baked

Some of our favorites are returning to TV! on RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race, Manilla Luzon (who I've found problematic in the past) and Jujubee (who is my favorite of all time) are back and ready to WERK. The girls are paired up this time around, so Manilla is with Latrice Royale to form Latrilla, and Jujubee is with her old pal Raven, making Rujubee. The pairs have to do two photos this week: one "half-baked," where their makeup is only half done and they're not wearing wigs, and one where they're depicting two opposites. Rujubee landed in the top two with their clothed/naked photo, and Latrilla also made it to the top with their classy/trashy look, eventually taking the win. Nice one, ladies! Can't wait to see what else is in store for the season. LOVE YOU, JUJUBEE!

You both look classy to me, ladies

Ivy Higa on Project Runway All Stars is another former contestant who I wasn't particularly fond of the first time around, but she seems aware of her prior bitchiness and is ready to start over. We learn that in the interim between Season 8 and now, fellow All Star Cassanova worked as Ivy's assistant, and her previous appearance happened at a time in her life when she was really struggling financially: Ivy reveals that back then she had spent all of her life savings on her line, and she had to volunteer at a soup kitchen because she couldn't afford groceries.

The All Stars were divided into two teams that each had to create a cohesive collection. Ivy created her version of a power suit that reflected her aesthetic, which she describes as "minimal, romantic, ethereal design." She combined the lace and leather that her team chose by incorporating lace panels in the jacket of her suit and pairing it with leather shorts. Some of the judges loved the jacket and disliked the shorts while others felt the complete opposite, but they all agreed that Ivy deserved to be in the top three. She didn't take the win, but it was a strong opening and, hopefully, the start of a new chapter in the book that is Ivy's television persona.

I like it, but I don't love leather shorts as a rule

Watson's character is developing ever more on Elementary. When she overheard Sherlock speaking in Mandarin on the phone, some questioning revealed that he doesn't speak it as well as he'd like. As for how well Watson speaks Mandarin? "Not as well as my mother would like." She also found Sherlock's analytical skills rubbing off on her when a friend set her up on a blind date and she noticed some odd behavior when the subject of marriage showed up. With some urging from Sherlock, she did some digging and discovered that the guy was in a green card marriage. Watson also had her first real opportunity to deal directly with Sherlock's drug rehabilitation when they discovered a murder victim who died of a heroin overdose. Elementary still isn't my favorite show, but it's interesting to see how they're slowly but surely developing Watson as a female, Asian American drug counselor. Definitely a different take.

Watson suspects something

Also really enjoying the development of Steve's character on Go On. This week he had a colonoscopy and needed care afterwards. Ryan enlisted Sonia to take care of Steven in his post-op loopiness, and the two made a fun pairing during Steve's manic shopping spree. If they ever make a show of nothing but John Cho modeling different delightful outfits, sign me up.

More hats for Steve, please

And finally, Aziz Ansari was on Conan discussing marriage and dealing with bullies. He's got some solid ideas on both.

"Computer dating", Conan? Really?


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"If they ever make a show of nothing but John Cho modeling different delightful outfits, sign me up."