Hyphen College Tour: Fourth Stop, University of Florida

April 18, 2011

I'm blogging for our associate publisher, Irene Kao, as she's flying halfway across our nation as we speak. Tonight she'll be making an appearance at the University of Florida to talk about her experience and lessons learned in the ethnic media business. I hear that there are gators roaming around campus looking for students to eat, so I warned Irene of this. But, I am sure she'll be just fine. 

The event will take place tonight at 8 pm in CSE A 101. Doors open at 7:30 pm, and free refreshments will be served! That's what I like to hear. The event is hosted by the Asian American Student Union. RSVP here. Go prepared with questions, as Irene would appreciate a good grilling!

Just in case you're not caught up, Hyphen has partnered up with I.W. Group and McDonald’s in an effort to inform and empower campuses with its unique perspective on Asian American arts, culture and politics. With style, of course. 

Now the important part: A contest!

This is specifically for the UF students Irene will be mingling with: Tell us what makes you Hyphen.

Let us know by submitting a comment. The best response will win a $50 McDonald's Arch Card and a fancy sweatshirt. If your response is not picked, don't fret. We'll have little giveaways for you too. All these goodies, plus free Hyphen issues, will be mailed out to you guys once Irene leaves. 

Poems, pictures, and any other creative responses are also welcome.

If you're interested in learning more about the Hyphen College Tour and bringing Hyphen to your campus, please contact our speaking engagement coordinator, Bena Li, at bena.li[at]hyphenmagazine[dot]com.



Lisa Lee


Lisa Lee works in User Operations at Facebook, and has more than five years of nonprofit experience in marketing and communications for multicultural arts and cultural organizations.



I see situations in shades of grey, not in black and white. As a journalism major at UF, I've learned that there is always more than one source to a story. And, like a story, there is so much more that I identify myself with besides "Asian-American." I am a woman; I am a leader; I am a problem solver; I am a visionary; I am passionate; I am a hyphen that connects a bunch of descriptions to one another. This Hyphen is exactly what makes up who I am today. PS: Had a great time with Irene! Thanks again for coming!
What makes me Hyphen? That's such a difficult question to answer. Right now I would say that what makes me Hyphen is making my college experience more than just socializing and school. It is about making my time in college into something productive that benefits the people around me. That is why I chose to become involved with AASU and that is why AASU is what makes me Hyphen. AASU has been a fun and constructive way to help strengthen the Asian American Pacific Islander community at UF and my knowledge of what it means to be APIA. Through AASU I have learned to be proud of being Asian American, and I have also grown to gain a better understanding of what being Asian American actually means. Coming from a not very diverse background growing up, I had my own presumptions and assumptions of what other Asian American youth which was ingrained in me through mainstream society over time. When I attended my first AASU meeting it was a bit awkward being around so many other Asian American people in one room; almost stigma-like. However overtime, I overcame my foolish preconceived notions. Through AASU, I have worked to create the first Association of Asian Alumni through the University of Florida Alumni Association. It is historical to note that this year, we are also getting our first-ever Director of APIA Affairs- a full-time UF staff member whose job is to help the APIA community at UF. In the coming year, I hope to help create a legacy that will ensure that the next generation of students has more resources than the one that came before it and that the larger community will understand the APIA community better.