Remembering 9/11: Our Stories, and Your Stories

September 11, 2011


For the past week, Hyphen has been publishing a series of posts in reflection on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. In case you missed any of these posts, we've compiled a complete list below. We've also added past stories we've done, both online and in print, on 9/11 and its personal and political aftermath.

We're also asking for your memories, thoughts, and reflections on 9/11, and the world since then. If you would like to share, feel free to post a comment below.

The following stories commemorated the 10th anniversary of 9/11:

  • Remembering 9/11: An Events and Resource Guide: A list of selected events, as well as links to online educational resources and special publications, for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, can be found here.
  • A review of The Asian American Literary Review's special issue, commemorating the 10th anniversary of September 11 -- a “critical consideration of the moment and its aftermath” in both public magnitude and private terms" -- can be found here.
  • September 11: America, Ten Years Later - Writer and attorney Wajahat Ali: "There is forever a pre- and post- 9/11. There is no going back." -- here.
  • Reflections on Good and Evil - From the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, Dr. Ali M. Nizamuddin: "I was in New York on 9-11. … For me, it took weeks for the primal feelings of fear and horror to subside. The memories of that day have been rekindled with the recent killing of bin Laden." -- here.
  • Post 9/11, Is Coming to America Still Worth the Journey? Author Andrew Lam: "In a way, the dust cloud from the destroyed World Trade Center a decade ago hasn’t fully settled. It continues to veil our nation’s once blue and gracious sky. To live in America these days, I’m sad to say, is to accept a new set of norms." -- here.
  • An Identity Under Wraps: Living with a Turban in a Post-9/11 World: Writer and community advocate Meeta Kaur reflects on her Sikh faith and her family, both before and after the terrorist attacks: "I do not have the luxury of being scared or silent as I was during 9/11" -- here.
  • September 11: Lessons of Love and Loss - Hyphen blogger Theresa Celebran Jones: "My cousin, Carl Allen Peralta, worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, located on the 104th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. 'Al-Al,' as he was known to all of us, died on the morning of September 11." -- here.
  • September 11: Unraveling Stories - Saba Waheed, who was a graduate student in New York City during 9/11: "We continued down Broadway on foot, following the smoke cloud that covered the southern skies... All I could say was, I hope they weren’t Muslim." -- here.

We've also covered 9/11 and its aftermath, both online and in our print issues:

  • The Day America Changed, Except Me: Guest blogger David Nghiem, a Vietnamese American, was in Peru on 9/11. Five years later, he shared the culminating experiences that led to his realization: "Despite the race problems, the USA was my home -- until that day. That place would never be my home anymore."
  • Armed with a Camera: Stories of a post-9/11 America, as captured by a Sikh American, from our Re-emerge Issue.
  • Life After 9/11: Seven years after 9/11, Asian Americans reflect on how their lives and communities have changed, from our Road Trip Issue.

Where were you on 9/11? How has your life changed because of it, ten years later? If you would like to share your personal experiences, memories, opinions, and perspective, you can post your comments below.


Robin Lapid

Online Editor
Robin Lapid is the Online Editor for Hyphen.