Live Tweeting Linsanity

February 16, 2012

We're live tweeting this Sunday's New York Knicks versus Dallas Mavericks Game!

Linsanity invades network TV when the New York Knicks play the NBA champions Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, February 19, 1pm EST in Madison Square Garden on ABC. The plot for this game has a number of intriguing elements: Lin will be playing against the team that signed him to their 2010 summer league team (after he went undrafted out of Harvard), when he outplayed number one draft pick John Wall and eventually rejected a one year deal with the Mavericks for a two year deal with his hometown Golden State Warriors.

Meanwhile, the Mavericks, who beat the Miami Heat last year for their first NBA title, are led by superstar German power forward Dirk Nowitski. Lin will go head-to-head against future Hall of Fame point guard Jason Kidd, a fellow Bay Area product who played for Cal, one of many schools that did not offer a scholarship to Lin. For the Knicks, the long-awaited return of Carmelo Anthony might finally happen on Sunday, as well as the debut of sharpshooter J.R. Smith, who has just returned from China and signed with the Knicks to provide much-needed perimeter shooting. Fans have been anxious to see if Melo, who's known for dominating the ball, can co-exist with Lin.  

Will Melo truly adjust his game to Lin's, as he's promised? Will Lin prove his worth against one of the best passing point guards  ever to play the game? Will Linsanity come to "to an abrupt and screeching end" against the reigning NBA champions, as celebrity Mavs owner Mark Cuban promised, or will it continue to swell to feverish heights in front of a national audience?  

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We'll see you on Twitter and on the court!


Terry K Park

California-born, Utah-raised, and New York-refined, Terry K. Park is a Provost Dissertation Fellow and PhD candidate in the Cultural Studies Graduate Group at the University of California, Davis. He has taught courses in Asian American media, history, theater and 1950s Cold War American culture at UC Davis, Hunter College, and San Quentin State Prison. As a former performance artist, his off-Broadway solo show, 38th Parallels, premiered in New York City with the Pan Asian Repertory Theater.