Will the Next Asian American Movie Icon Be a Serial Killer?

March 23, 2012

Originally posted at SF Weekly's The Exhibitionist blog.

Never strangers to controversial film projects, screenwriter Koji Sakai, director Stanley Yung, and producer Quentin Lee, (who directed The People I've Slept With from a script by Sakai), have decided that a passion-filled, plasma-dripping thriller is the best way for Asian Americans to break free from the stereotypical shackles of mainstream cinema.

Their new film, currently in production, is provocatively titled Chink. Hyphen chatted with scriptwriter Sakai to find out exactly what made him want to make an Asian American serial killer movie.

How did your hero decide pursue the career of serial killer?

The character, played by Jason Tobin (Better Luck Tomorrow), is an Asian American male whose abuse-filled childhood consists of getting beaten up and made fun of for being Asian. Those traumatic experiences turned him to hate being Asian. Looking for ways to discharge his inner rage, he reads about the escapades of serial killer icons of the past and becomes inspired by them, and decides to become one himself.

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