Hyphen TV: Dangerous Traffic Lights

April 15, 2013

Sydney Napur running to see a pal

The season finale of Monday Mornings centered around Dr. Napur's best friend Dr.
Ridgeway, a victim of an attack that left her
with -- wouldn't you know it -- a brain injury. Dr. Park was brought in
as the man who could bring her back, and indeed he did. If this was the writers' way of having Napur and Park become fully realized characters, it was a bit of an anticlimax; but it was nice to see them band together with the rest of
the doctors in support of Ridgeway. Hope to see even more development in each of the characters next year.

Sung Park gets all up in Ridgeway's noggin

Tu popped up again on Project Runway. This time he was an assistant to Michelle, who had a "do or die moment" when
she nearly got eliminated. Michelle and
Tu didn't get to go to an exciting European city, but instead they did work as usual in New York, taking a break to go on a
double-decker bus tour of Manhattan (that almost took Tu's head
off when they passed under a traffic light). That's about all we see of Tu, who still never got any on-camera thanks
from Stanley for all his hard work and help last week. Glad we
got to spend a little more time with you, Tu!

Tu smiles, unlike last week

Hey guys,
remember Brenda? She's still on Survivor, I swear. We just haven't heard
much (read: anything) from her all season. This week, the elimination
challenge had the survivors hanging from a metal grate just above the
water, staying suspended as long as they could as the tide came in and
trapped them pretty much underwater. It was hard to watch (especially
for this TV recapper who can't swim), but Brenda stayed remarkably calm
throughout and took the immunity necklace for the week. And yet, we still
didn't get to see her strategizing with so much as one person. Are you in this
or what, Bren?

Brenda's all, "I'm on camera! Can you believe it?"


Dianne Choie


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