Hyphen TV: Fly Like a Kite in the Sky

July 30, 2013

This is Charles's "I'm done here" face

Just when I thought there would be no new TV until the fall, along comes
Top Chef Masters and contestant Sang Yoon, the owner of Father's Office and
Lukshon in Los Angeles. Since it was the first episode, we didn't get
to spend a ton of time with Sang, though he did join the other
contestants in skydiving out of a plane for more cooking time. He made
spice-rubbed pork with Vietnamese caramel gastrique and fresh chiles,
and while the judges liked his flavors, they found some of his pork
undercooked. He had rushed to finish his dish, saying that he needed at least twice as much time to plate than what he was left with. He landed safely in
the middle, however, so hopefully he'll get his timing down next week.

Sang takes a break from marinating to share a happy grin

on Mistresses figured out yet another way to get closer to Karen: by
becoming a patient of her colleague Jacob. She immediately left him a
voicemail saying they needed to talk, then she found him creepily
waiting for her at her house that night. "Are you scared of me?" he
asked when she stepped away from him. Hmm, ya think? When she asked Sam
why he started going to Jacob, he totally sanely replied, "I wanted to
get some kind of reaction from you. I've handled everything so badly...I
think I'm in love with you." Uhh yikes.

The next day, Jacob
told Karen that Sam had cancelled their session and seemed
"off-balance." Jacob asked Karen if she had a relationship with Sam or
his mother, adding that it might be worth a call to Elizabeth to get to
the bottom of what was going on. Karen had to continue playing dumb, but
she did manage a visit to Elizabeth, who is now back from Italy. "Sam's
become infatuated with me," she explained to the widow, who replied,
"Maybe you could tell him you were screwing his father. That should
break the spell." Uh oh! Looks like Karen's terrible track-covering
wasn't so effective after all! Worst part: just as Elizabeth revealed
how much she knew, Sam appeared! Who knows how Karen gets out of this
one. I assume she'll flee town and start a new life as a farmer who
can't keep secrets.

"He's right behind me, isn't he?"

I neglected to update you guys on what's been
going on with Charles on The Hero. After laying pretty low for several
weeks, Charles finally got to do last week's individual Hero's
Challenge. His task involved going to various points in the stands of a
huge arena, where he had to answer questions about the competition in
order to get bags of money, which had to be brought down to the middle
of the field. I was sure there was no way he could do it in the limited
time, but Charles amazed me and brought back all the bags of money with
just seconds to spare. In the following episode, it seemed a sure thing
that he'd make it to the finale in which viewers would vote for the
winner, but then he made a surprising declaration. Though there were six
contestants left, only five could go on to the vote -- and Charles
volunteered himself. "If I go home tomorrow, I go in such peace...I
don't need to go to the finale to know I'm a hero."

Charles had to do this like eight times.

So basically,
on a show called The Hero in which contestants have to prove themselves
heroes, Charles set himself up as a strong contender, then sacrificed
himself. I'm still not completely clear on why he did this, even after
reading his lengthy explanation on Facebook. I guess he went on the show
to prove something to himself, and he did that? And then felt no need
to go further? I hoped in vain that his fellow contestants would
overrule Charles's apparent wishes, but they indeed voted him out, and he's now gone from the game. Dang. I don't get it, dude, but I admire you.

ended its second season with a double dose of episodes. First,  Angela went parasailing for the first time, overcoming her nerves with
resolve: "I can fly like a kite in the sky." And she did! Back at home,
Angela took her driving test. Though she made seven errors, she did well
enough to get her license -- so she celebrated by taking the girls for a
ride to the race track (kind of an odd destination for a group of five
women in wheelchairs, four of whom got that way from car accidents).
Angela was even more nervous about driving a race car than she was about
parasailing, worrying that she would break a bone on the track that
would be further agitated by her osteoporosis. But if you've ever seen
this show, you know that Angela always overcomes her fears; and she felt true speed
for the first time in years. "Before the accident, I was getting into
motorcycle racing. I never thought I'd get into anything like that
again...I have transformed into the person that I'm feeling inside." If
that doesn't inspire you at least a little bit, you're made of icier
stuff than I am.

Quick shout out on So You Think You Can Dance:
Choreographer Peter Chu teamed up with show regular Stacey Tookey to
choreograph last week's opening group number. Check it out right here.

   Nice striking visuals, guys!

on the Colbert Report, edX president Anant Agarwal discussed
why his company is offering free university courses online. To
paraphrase him: because it's pretty great.


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