Hyphen TV: The Best Keynote Speaker

July 8, 2013

Even Karen herself seems unsure about being a keynote speaker.

Hope everyone in the States had a happy Fourth! We have a quick one this
week because of the holiday. On Push Girls, Angela was recruited by
Auti to help teach a sex course at the rehab center where they first
met. Angela was keen to lay some open, honest, and nonjudgmental truth
on a group of patients who were recently disabled, and it was heartening
to see how engaged everyone was in the conversation. Nice one, ladies!

On Mistresses, Karen's insane life-parade continued when she found
out that she was asked to be the keynote speaker at the Center for Mental
Health symposium, whose guests include Hilary Clinton. Because when
you're talking stable, responsible psychiatrists who make good life
decisions, Dr. Karen Kim springs immediately to mind. Don't worry, the
show is as aware as we are that Karen has shown no psychological
capability that would merit her being singled out as a keynote speaker; so the following explanation was provided: Karen "launched the first
program for Korean immigrants that was used as a model for
non-English-speaking communities." Notice how there is no description of
what the program actually did or how it was helpful. Oh, well...that's
enough, right?

Speaking of "that's enough, right?"
rationalizations, that pesky insurance investigator returned to Karen's
office with vague "new developments" that supposedly entitled him to see Karen's
therapy notes. She refused (phew!), but then widow Elizabeth insisted
that Karen falsify some notes to indicate that Thomas was suicidal.
Somehow, between these two bossy busybodies, Karen became
convinced that she does, indeed, have to provide her professional notes (with no warrant of any kind), and she does, indeed, have to make them up
in the least convincing way possible. Remember that we previously saw Karen delete/shred all her notes on Thomas, so she'll have to start from scratch and make them up completely. Let me also remind you that Karen's
best friend is a lawyer. This show, man. Maybe it'll turn out that it's
all a dream?


"Oh, you need to have my notes? Coming right up, then!"


Dianne Choie


Dianne Choie's TV is in Brooklyn, NY. She has a cat, several reusable shopping bags, and other mildly annoying stereotypes of youngish people who live in Brooklyn.