Blog Archive: December 2010

Blog Archive: December 2010

The Most Underreported Stories of the Decade

The last 10 years have seen unprecedented growth of ethnic media in the United States. Media serving the country’s immigrant and minority communities may be the new mainstream of American journalism, but many of the stories they cover still fly under the radar. Editors and publishers of ethnic media weighed in with their picks of what they felt were the most underreported stories of the decade.

Best Gifts EVAR

Just for kicks, and because I like fluff pieces sometimes, we Hyphen staffers put together a list of BEST GIFTS EVAR that we received from our parents.

The idea came about a few weeks ago, when the Bay Area weather began hitting the upper 50s, and I began thinking about wearing socks again. While I was perusing my sock collection, I realized that at least half of my socks are from my mom. Is this an Asian thing or just a mom thing, or an Asian mom thing? Stocking stuffer takes on new meaning.

Who Hasn’t…Had an Identity Crisis?

When I was in grad school, one of our journalism instructors told us that we were not, under any circumstance, to begin a story with “Who hasn’t…?” as this invites the reader to say, “Well, no, actually, I haven’t grown a giant carnivorous plant that developed a taste for roast turkey but ended up munching on the family dog. So this story must not pertain to me.” Then you lose the reader, lose your job, lose your house, lose your dog in a freak flesh-eating plant accident, etc. It’s all very dreary.

The Hyphenite's Social Calendar: Stir-Friday Night, AALDEF Internships

Slim pickins for events this week, as it's the holidaze and folks are likely otherwise occupied with exercising their Holiday Spirit (eatin', shoppin', boozin', etc). Keeping in mind these revered traditions, Hyphenite will be off next week, and I will be dispensing an extra pour of rum into the ol' nog. Happy Festivus and see you in the new year!

Friday December 22nd -- Chicago

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